Plan Now for Title IV, Part A!

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) became law in 2015, which created Title IV, Part A funds. The purpose of the funds is to create and/or provide supplemental educational programs activities and training to improve students’ academic achievements in these three content areas:

  • Well-rounded education
  • Safe and healthy students
  • Effective use of technology

 $10,000 is available per district/year and more with possibilities of carryover! 

Iowa Department of Education


  • November
  • January
  • April
  • July


Requested to pay salary of new teacher to expand district’s curricular options.Teacher is a NEW hire and the funds requested is supplemental in nature.
Needing funds to create an after-school club; funds are needed for supplies and staffing. This club is creating a NEW arts enrichment activity.
To purchase additional instruments to teach and reach the growing number of students enrolled in music courses. These justify a programmatic need requirement to teach a GROWING arts program.
Requests to send educators to professional developments to cover registration and lodging. Allowable, but LIMITED to 15% of the total district allocation.
Implementing the new fine arts standards by creating districts own standards, engaging in professional development, and purchasing materials to aid in implementation.
Standards are recommended and not required in Iowa, so this would strengthen fine arts offerings.


  • Create opportunities for educators and students
  • Expand programs throughout Iowa
  • Enhance technology for educators
  • Assist in professional development opportunities and new staff
  • Enhance collaboration with STEM and Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards


How and when do we apply for monies through Title IV, Part A?

Apply online during the months of November, January, April, or July. 

 What does “supplemental” mean under ESSA?

If the proposed use funds for the activity or program were previously funded by other federal, state and/or local funds, it is supplanting and unallowable.

When is the purchase of supplies allowable?

Supplies are only allowable if they can be tied directly to the implementation of the specific program. In other words, they are allowable if the program could not be offered without the supplies. In addition, all supplies purchased must be supplemental and educational in nature. 

Why are “initial professional development activities” limited to 15% of the total district allocation?

All professional development activities must be “sustained (not stand-alone, one-day, or short-term workshops), intensive, collaborative, job-embedded, data-driven, and classroom-focused”. 

Are there other opportunities to utilize Title IV, Part A funds to support the fine arts?

Yes, there are several opportunities to integrate the fine arts into both the Safe and Healthy Students and Effective Use of Technology. A district could create or expand fine arts programming that promotes students’ physical and mental health, self-management, or social-emotional skills. For Effective Use of Technology, a district could provide ongoing professional development to support the effective use of technology in delivering fine arts instruction. 

Additional information from the Iowa Department of Education:


Jane Triplett

Jane Triplett
Arts Advocate

Robin Walenta
President & C.E.O., West Music

Angela Matsuoka
Fine Arts Consultant, Iowa Department of Education