And the survey says…

In an effort to find useful information for our teacher partners, we conducted a survey to find out how information flows to educators about grant opportunities. Below are some of the highlights from this survey.

The question of how to find funding opportunities, this question was all over the place. Many teachers are doing a lot of research to find these opportunities.


Finding time in your already busy day seems to be a common concern of teachers when it comes to grant funding. This survey question shows exactly why that is a concern. The vast majority of teachers are writing their grant requests themselves.


This question was not surprising to me, but did reinforce the purpose of our quest the help teachers get the funds they need for their classrooms. Almost 70% of the respondents used their grant funds for classroom instruments or resource materials.


In short, the survey says….exactly what we had anticipated it would. Teachers are working hard to fund the classroom activities and supplies for their classroom.

West Music and are here to help. We will continue to research and post helpful sites and resources for our teacher friends.